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kraemmergaarden Teak furniture, Antiques & Second hand furniture  Kræmmergården - Teaktræsmøbler, Teak, Antik & Genbrug
Teak furniture Antiques & Second hand furniture Teakfurniture
Kraemmergaarden Furniture specializes in export of Danish modern teak furniture from 1960.

We offer all types of teak furniture, including: chests, dressers, bureaus, dining tables & chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, mirrors, armchairs, sideboards, writing desks, nesting tables, drawers, cabinets, credenzas, sofas, lounge chairs, side tables, stools and some Danish Design, etc.
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Teak Furniture

Purchasing of second-hand teak furniture and rosewood furniture, estate clearances.

Today, teak furniture is Kraemmergaarden’s principal activity, though only on wholesale basis.

We specialize in the purchase of teak for export to countries including Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, and to other antique dealers home and abroad. We buy up teak furniture from private households.

The revival of teak furniture:
Currently, teak furniture is not in vogue among the general Danish population, although older people are often still fond of their teak furniture. You could say that in time each type of furniture will have a comeback.

In the latest decade, there has been a greater interest in retro design, including modern architect-designed furniture, and at the same time, the term ‘furniture classic’ has obtained a footing in the Danish language. Today, a lot of Danish teak furniture ends up in countries such as Japan, USA and Europe, where they are much appreciated.

The majority of our vintage teak furniture was made by various Danish furniture makers, and these high-quality products were produced in the period from about1950 to 1970. Over the last 60 years, Danish furniture architects have designed more than 10,000 different products, a number of which are world-renowned today.

In the 20th century, a great number of beautiful furniture was designed, including the famous ‘master cabinet maker furniture’ designed by Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Nanna Ditzel, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher, Arne Vodder, Fritz Hansen, Peter Hvidt, Ib Kofod-Larsen, Niels Vodder, Hans Olsen, Poul Volther and Finn Juhl. These designers are in great demand, while also being quite expensive. However, they contributed to the world-wide fame of Danish furniture, and today many of their designs are considered furniture classics.

Initially, Danish cabinet-maker furniture was produced by a relatively small circle of about 25 master cabinet makers, who were members of the Furniture Section of Copenhagen Cabinet Makers’ Guild. However, as large-scale and co-production gradually developed, these master cabinet-makers were under increasing pressure, their role being reduced to prototype production and experiments. In 1966, the Cabinet Makers’ Guild held its last annual exhibition.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, most furniture designers set up co-operations with the furniture industry, and equally several furniture makers gradually re-oriented towards more industrially based productions. They were now producing ”factory furniture” – a term, however, that is somewhat misleading, since many of these productions are of superior quality.

In the nature of things, cabinet makers were not thrilled with the industrially produced furniture, though more often than not, they had to admit that they could find no fault with the quality produced by the best furniture producers. This is not to say that a piece of factory furniture could not be distinguished from one made by a cabinet maker. Joints are often more complex in the latter, and screws were not used as frequently as in factory-made furniture. Often, these were designed for easy dissembling / assembling, which made them better suited for export.

Originally, cabinet makers would use Cuban mahogany. However, when that came in short supply, they started looking about for new woods. As a result, teak soon became the preferred wood of furniture designers and cabinet makers. For high-end furniture, rosewood was their obvious choice, though teak had (and still has) certain advantages.

Teak is not as delicate and high-maintenance as mahogany and rosewood. The satin sheen of teak can easily be restored with teak oil. Maybe this is why it became the preferred type of hardwood.

Teak furniture is often veneered. This may be for a number of reasons, though primarily for cost-efficiency. Another aspect is that it could be quite a tricky matter to produce a large massive wooden object (e.g. a tabletop) that would not warp. Thus, the mere fact that a piece of furniture is veneered does not per se indicate low price or inferior quality. and Bruun-Rasmussen’s Auctions both offer online auctions including fine teak furniture and contemporary art, but here you will mostly find Danish design furniture. Moreover, you can also find teak at Auktionshuset Hørsholm, and at auctions in Copenhagen, Holstebro and Svendborg, apart from the numerous flea markets and jumble sales across the Danish holiday cottage areas.

As for the future of teak furniture, our best guess would be that once it comes back into favour in Denmark, we‘d have to travel the world to buy it back once more.

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